You’ll never in your life be the best friend that Taylor swift is

I would call myself an off and on Taylor Swift fan, but most recently, VERY much on. From what can be gathered from her Instagram videos, it appears that she managed to get Mr. Dashboard Confessional himself Chris Carrabba, to sing a song for and with her best friend Abigail (lifelong best friend Abigail) at her 25th Birthday party. Also included in said singalong – Hayley Williams from Paramore (!?)

If you follow her, Taylor has posted pictures and videos, etc from other famous friends parties that she herself has organized, but this is just out of this world. How does she do these things, and HOW DOES SHE HAVE THE TIME to be this many people’s best friend?? She’s like the nicest, most wonderful cool-girl-in-school that everyone wants to be, and wants to be friends with. And yet, can’t manage to hate because SHE’S TOO COOL AND NICE.

On a completely other note… I couldn’t be more happy that she and Calvin Harris are supposedly dating… As a fellow tall girl, I’m so happy for her finding someone she too can LOOK UP to kiss, it’s a GREAT feeling.


My Life in Jars

I have to come clean about something.

I, Christina, am obsessed with mason jars.

It’s not a new concept to store food in these cylindrical, glass beauties. In fact, if my mommom saw this she’d slap me over the head because she (as with most older, wiser people) has used mason jars in her kitchen for a century, and has also been jarring gravy for the same amount of time, in a massive collection of her own masons.

But it must have hit me when I started working, cooking, and storing food for myself just how great these are, and how the uses for them are practically innumerable. No longer do I have to worry about whether or not my soup, smoothie, coffee, dressing, sauce or any other liquid I might carry somewhere has spilled all over the inside of my bag. No longer am I thinking about the BPA seeping into my food when I microwave it later. No longer am I thinking about how quickly I have to eat what’s in there before it goes bad.

Well that last one is a little presumptuous – food can still go bad. But when its sealed that tight IN GLASS?? It definitely lasts longer than any other kind of container you might be using.

DSC01495 copy

Either way, the pack I bought at Target for $8.00 (!) have more than paid for themselves in the probably-a-year I’ve had them. Here are some of my favorite uses for maybe mankind’s greatest invention:

  • Overnight oats: the easiest = rolled oats, almond milk, blueberries, cinnamon, peanut butter… awesome and perfect breakfast! (pictured)
  • Storing my cold brew coffee (pictured)
  • Storing my favorite homemade soups for easy grabbing when making lunch (work well freezing too!)
  • Mason Jar salads (pictured) also for easy grabbing when making lunch
  • Smoothies – I’ll make a few early in the week, label the ingredients, and take them with me for breakfasts, lunches etc. The fruit and contents doesn’t go bad or taste any different!
  • Baking soda air freshners – DYI, all natural, no chemicals in the air and REALLY, HONESTLY work!
  • Vase for short, bundles of flowers I get at a farmer’s market
  • Storing and keeping fresh various grains – quinoa, farro, rice stay fresh for months in seal tight mason jars
  • Chia detox water: chia seeds purified water, fruits like frozen blueberries and strawberries, and lemons!
  • Chia pudding

The list could go on and on. What are your favorite uses for mason jars??

Thanks for reading!

– x

Trying out The Whole 30

Paleo Diets have been the new big thing for a few years and may be singlehandedly keeping Pinterest in existence (can you look for any recipe on there without a Paleo one coming up? try it). Through an Instagram friend I came upon something that is the same, but different, called The Whole 30.

From what I can tell thus far (from reading the website, not the NYT BEST SELLER book) the main difference is in the details. For example, there are a number of specific chemical components (carageenan, MSG or sulfites) used in prepared foods that are to be avoided, but coffee and salt are allowed (not Paleo). The general idea of no refined sugar, grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol, processed foods, etc are the same.

Much to my dismay, the Whole 30 does stress the avoidance of the Paleo-type cheats that have been widely used (See: pinterest). As the site says:

Do not try to re-create baked goods, junk foods, or treats* with “approved” ingredients. Continuing to eat your old, unhealthy foods made with Whole30 ingredients is totally missing the point, and will tank your results faster than you can say “Paleo Pop-Tarts.” – See more at:

They have a point. But I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks now consistently, and I just have to have something sweet after dinner, so I’ve been whipping up a banana-ice cream (with almond butter) and YOU CAN’T CHANGE MY MIND ABOUT IT.

The idea I like about The Whole 30 is that it has an end time. It feels like a game to try to be getting to the finish line, instead of a diet, which feels more easily cheat-able with no end in site. And if I gain some knowledge and positive good habits along the way, SO BE IT!

So far I feel so great and less bloated without any dairy or grain. I also feel so much less crazy without any sugar. This isn’t new news, but I sure do feel the noticeable difference between having and not having sugar – when I don’t have any, I don’t crave it. But when I give in to those donuts in the office kitchen…. I want more the rest of the day. The addictive properties of sugar are no joke, and if you’ve never seen the segment on sugar from John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, please do so.

Here’s one of my favorite recipes I’ve been whippin up on the reg since doing The Whole 30


I’ve been making frittatas for ever but for some reason they’ve gotten more tasty in doing this eating plan (and as I get better at making them).


They’re really easy, and can incorporate any vegetables you have. I usually use zucchini, tomato, peppers, kale, spinach… whatever I have around that can be roasted or sautéed. After preparing them, I beat 3 or 4 eggs (I WOULD throw in some parmesan cheese, but not on the Whole 30), and pour them over the veggies I’ve prepared in the same skillet.

Cook on low until the egg is solid and cooked, and you can flip it.

I’ve eaten this for breakfast, lunches, dinners… I usually make a big one and cut it in pieces for different meals!

Next recipe for the Whole 30 coming up later this week! Thanks for reading!

Thoughts on… “The Affair”

*Just an FYI, there are some spoilers if you have not watched all the way through!*


From the get-go, I’d done nothing but talk shit about the show The Affair. Before it was even on, I just couldn’t say enough about how sick I am of the romanticizing and glorification of something that is so morally wrong. I am not as prude as this sounds, but was brought up in Catholic school and I just don’t think infidelity should be this glamorized. From Scandal, to nearly every other drama on TV, sex sells and it seems like AFFAIRS really sell. So for the entire premise of a show to be focused on the *very exciting and romantic* betrayal and ruining of a marriage, I just couldn’t have been more disgusted.

Then I found out Joshua Jackson was in it. And I quite literally can’t resist Pacey Witter, affair or not. So, since it was coming on after Homeland anyway, I decided to give it a shot.


I have to admit I was very intrigued, even though I didn’t like what I knew what would happen (hello, it’s in the name). Each episode plays out the same event – in the story, and in their relationship – but the first half from Noah Solloway, the male’s perspective, then the second 25 minutes from Allison Lockhart, the female’s perspective. This is something I’d never seen before in a TV show, and I loved the concept, so I hung on. The writing was just too cool – how they made the stories overlap, how their clothes changed, how what they said and who did what changed based on who’s point of view we were seeing. There were also True Detective-type interviews happening with each main character – they are recounting the events of the story as they remember them to a detective, so this implied there was some sort of criminal storyline that we don’t know about, in play as well.

One other thing to mention is the theme song/intro is IN-CREDIBLE. Just, fucking, awesome. It’s a new original song written and performed by Fiona Apple specifically for the show, called “Container,” and I wish to God it was longer than a minute! It starts out a cappella, and then a drum beat comes in… It’s haunting, and beautiful and just totally perfect for the show. Take a listen here


THE AFFAIRAnyway, despite the opening theme that truly kept me hanging on, by the fourth episode of the show, I was over it. That episode surrounded ONLY the two leads, those having the affair… and when it was just the two of them, I just couldn’t keep watching it.

I felt dirty, guilty; like I was the one having the affair, or something.


Much later, “The Affair” won two Golden Globes. I didn’t really understand why, (other than it’s salacious nature, and because it’s a new show), but a friend told me she caught the season finale without watching the others and it was VERY entertaining. I decided to give it another go, and I’m glad I did… sort of.


The first season, at only 10 episodes long, definitely packs a lot of nail biting drama. After the episode I quit on, several other interesting characters and plot points came into play that somewhat made me feel okay about the dirtiness of the adultery – drug dealing, a murder case, Noah’s crazy teenage daughter, Allison’s crazy mother, small town family feuds, a lost child, and in general the deep roots of the character’s personalities and motives (which are perfectly executed by the actors). Plus, more Joshua Jackson (albeit a sad, angry Joshua Jackson).


The last two episodes especially were so entertaining I found myself yelling at the TV. It’s really rare that a show (or film) is satisfyingly, totally put together and feeling complete, in terms of continuity, storylines, character motives, all really coming together, and it’s even rarer when you’re seeing it from two points of view the entire time. But as well written, well directed, and well produced the show is, there’s a few plot holes I am so disappointed about and can’t ignore, so I’d like to put this out there and maybe some other fans can enlighten me:

  • What exactly happened around episode 6 or 7, where Noah goes from realizing pursuing anything else with Allison is “completely crazy,” he goes back to having sex with his wife (a fantastic Maura Tierney), he goes through marital therapy with her, and seems to be completely regretful of his actions and confident in his marriage – to telling Allison he loves her?? Part of me thought this was something that only happened in her POV, but then later it’s said in his too. This seemed like sort of a 180 that just didn’t add up. Noah was believable in his attempts at apologizing and searching for forgiveness for an episode or two. But suddenly he’s thrown into a situation where he sees Allison again, and that is a time that the L-word is realized? I can’t wrap my mind around this. There wasn’t a lead up where he was thinking about her, or having issues with his wife regularly, or anything. Even if the idea is “he’s around her again, he sees her again after some time, and they can’t deny their love for each other” their actions before saying these words did not really indicate their sudden profession of love. Maybe it’s a move to keep the audience on their toes, but I found it frustrating and just did not at all add up.
  • How could there possibly be two interpretations of the events of the last episode? This involves a gun, a lot of yelling, and some very angry Solloways and Lockharts. It just seems to me that when there is a gun in play and it’s pointed at you, you aren’t forgetting what exactly played out in this scene, but somehow Noah and Allison’s memory of these events are very 
  • In general, much of Allison’s side seems to be slightly more in “love” in “The Affair” than Noah is. Noah seems very  much in lust, and then in guilt. Yet suddenly in the last two episodes, Noah is the first to tell his wife he is “in love” with someone else, and makes the moves to leave and be with her (this might actually just harken back to my first point).
  • Chemistry – I didn’t feel it beyond the intimate scenes. It seemed like they had chemistry when it came to sex and being physical, etc. but that’s not hard to do – everyone looks sexy and connected when they’re having sex. In the scenes where they are just spending time together or talking, or Noah is trying to make Allison feel better about something… I just didn’t see it. I didn’t buy that they had this crazy, deep connection, or “love” that would absolutely have to lead to them ruining their marriage and lives.


What did anyone else think?? Did I completely miss something or did you have the questions? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Christmas Nail’d IT!! (Round 2)

Second round of my Holiday nails, holllaaa! Just red, gold sparkles from Butter London, white and green.

image1 copy image2


Whether you’re an avid NPR listener or not, you have to have heard about Serial in the past several weeks. If you really haven’t, read this. 

The podcast is a break off of the very popular This American Life, which as the title suggests, is a radio show that chronicles different stories from American subjects within different topics. There are hundreds of incredibly compelling episodes of TAL, and Serial has been very much the same.


Sarah Koenig

The first “season” of Serial has been about a murder trial. In Baltimore in 1999, a 17 year old kid named Adnan was sent to jail for life for the murder of his ex girlfriend Hae Min Lee. His family, who’s been fighting for 15 years that he was wrongfully accused and the victim of an inadequate lawyer and a botched trial, contacted a reporter from This American Life to see if there was anything she could do in terms of looking into his case. Journalist Sarah Koenig did that, and then some.

Over the course of the last year, and subsequently the last 10 weeks in podcast form, she’s taken apart every bit of this story and trial, putting everyone and everything under the microscope it wasn’t under in the early 2000’s. The drama, lies, and prejudice in this case runs deep, and even as Sarah talks to the friends and people involved there’s one thing remains clear – can anyone really know what happened on one normal high school day 15 years ago?

Screenshot 2014-12-08 20.45.45

One thing that’s happened, which it seems like neither Sarah nor Adnan’s family expected, is the podcast has completely exploded. Likely a result of word-of-mouth (and possibly from just me specifically, because I have told every single person I know to listen to it), Serial hit 5 million downloads and broke podcast records before Sarah and her team could turn their heads, and for better or worse has one of the most intense Reddit threads known to man.

So if you’re a Serial listener at this point you might know what I’m talking about. And if you’re not, START. It’s free!

Theres a few interesting things about Serial that I wanted to discuss, but I will indicate any spoilers just in case.

  1. Serial makes me feel like I’m consuming media in the 1930’s – every Thursday I’m glued to the radio (read: my iPhone) listening to an audio story. I feel like I’m living in the days before TV, where all you had were audio recordings and music to move a story, and Serial does it brilliantly. Well written and suspenseful, you feel like you’re watching an episode of 20-20 but only in your ears. It’s without a doubt the coolest media I’ve consumed this year, and so original for this day and age.
  2. Serial makes everyone think they’re a detective – whether you’re taking the whole thing way too seriously (i.e. conducting your own investigations, making your own podcast about the podcast) or not (just having regular debates with your friends) Serial makes you feel like you’re a detective. Time will tell whether it amounts to anything other than frustration for the family members of the people involved in the case (including the murder victim), but I can’t say it hasn’t made for some interesting conversation in the last few weeks. Which leads me to..
  3. Serial has made me realize how awful and insane our legal system is – **possible spoilers** there have been so many phone interviews with Adnan from jail, where he talks about how as a 17 year old kid, he assumed that the legal system of America had everything under control, and he thought even his being convicted would “work itself out.” Unfortunately in his case, this was not true, and I can’t help but think about the millions of other cases like this, and the hundreds of people in jail for truly being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As someone who doesn’t watch a lot of Law and Order or Cold Case or cop/legal dramas, I haven’t seen anything like this to the point where I’m desensitized to it, and my mind is blown at the (alleged) incompetence and the deviousness of the cops, detectives, lawyers, and courts involved in the case.

Finally, if you are a Serial fan and you’re not reading Rabia’s blog, START. Rabia is the family friend of Adnan who brought the case to Sarah last year, and she’s blogging about each episode and then some. She is obviously not unbiased the way the podcast tries to be, but she shares some supplemental information and documents from the case, as well as her own (oftentimes hilarious) commentary. I linked it above as well, but here it is again. 

I especially liked what she had to say about episode 7, which some of the online commentary, as well as my own friends, called boring or a filler episode. Instead of discussing new information about the criminal proceedings and drama of the story, the episode followed a real lawyer for The Innocence Project as they began to work on Adnan’s case and pour over papers and documents to form their own professional analysis. I found this incredibly interesting, eye opening, and downright necessary, and felt like it was so callous that anyone would be annoyed for the lack of entertainment value. For obvious reasons, Rabia felt the same.

If you’re listening to Serial, let me know! What do you think? How will it all end? What are your theories?

Thanks for reading!

Christmas Nail’d it!!!! (round 1)

Here are my first round of Christmas nails, went a little simpler for early in the season. Super easy to do with a SALLY HANSEN Longwear metallic dark red, and a white thin brush!