Tracey Wigfield of GLITTERATOR fame

30 Rock and The Mindy Project are two of my favorite shows, partly because of my fandom for Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling and all they do, and partly because they are genuinely hilarious and well-written shows. One lucky woman who’s been able to be involved with both of these shows, who may or may not be my life spirit animal, is Tracey Wigfield.


Tracey was a member of the writing staff on 30 Rock and now The Mindy Project, a feat she chronicles in her new interview in Cosmopolitan. As much as I hate Cosmo, lately, they have really been publishing some on-point and interesting features for young women, and this is no exception. I’ve been following (see: stalking via social media) Tracey since before she won that Emmy for the finale of 30 Rock, but when she did my reaction was akin to probably her mother’s. Her career path, sense of humor, and just general COOLNESS, in a sort-of male dominated profession makes me feel like anything is possible, and I hope one day I can have the kind of success she’s had.

However, one major take away from this article for me was the fact that she was in the commercial for the Glitterator. Now, if you’re of my age (which I THINK is a Millennial?) you have to remember this toy. As she describes it, it’s a machine that you put various items covered in glue into, and the Glitterator blows glitter on it, INSTANTLY transforming your super boring barrette into a beautiful, sticky, sparkly work of art. I owned one, and boy do I look back fondly on hours of Glitterating everything I could find, my clear initiation into a life of sparkly fabulousness. Unfortunately, I still remember the commercial and the jingle so clearly it’s like I was Glitterating this morning – “Glitterator with us, GLITTERATOR! Glitter it a little bit, glitter it a lot… Glitter it cool, Glitter it hot!”

Hope you’re ready for this Jelly

Now that I know this information, where my professional hero and favorite childhood toy come together, I’m not sure my life will ever come anymore full circle than this.

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