Make Drinking Water More Fun

I love jumping on (and you know, getting in on the ‘ground floor’ of) new health fads. Or I guess I should say, I like finding new ways to distract myself from the fact that I’m not eating chocolate or pasta all the time, like I wish I was.

My new favorite way of pretending to be healthy is “infusing water”, as some pinners may call it. Basically throw some fruit in your water bottle, pitcher, or jars, let it sit overnight or several hours, and voila! WATER ISN’T AS BORING ANYMORE!

Really though, the first few times I saw this I was like “I mean… I don’t want juice, if I want water. So why would I do this?” But in reality, it’s delicious. I’m someone who LOVES lemon in my water, and this is like that but even better. You need the right combinations, though. Below is a picture of my latest combo, in my favorite mineral water Voss – lemon, blueberries, and mint.

water infusion

It all mixes up so well with just a hint of flavor, and allll the same great benefits of drinking water (plus more as blueberries are high in antioxidants, lemons aide in digestion, the list goes on). Other great fruits to use include oranges, starfuits, blackberries, strawberries.. the combinations are endless, so see what you like! AND WHATS MORE, just like a nice glass of sangria, you have a snack at the bottom of the bottle!

h/t to one of my favorite instagrammers – bysaber and detoxskintips. Check out some of her posts for amazing recipes as well as great tips and info!


Thanks for reading!


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