You’ll never in your life be the best friend that Taylor swift is

I would call myself an off and on Taylor Swift fan, but most recently, VERY much on. From what can be gathered from her Instagram videos, it appears that she managed to get Mr. Dashboard Confessional himself Chris Carrabba, to sing a song for and with her best friend Abigail (lifelong best friend Abigail) at her 25th Birthday party. Also included in said singalong – Hayley Williams from Paramore (!?)

If you follow her, Taylor has posted pictures and videos, etc from other famous friends parties that she herself has organized, but this is just out of this world. How does she do these things, and HOW DOES SHE HAVE THE TIME to be this many people’s best friend?? She’s like the nicest, most wonderful cool-girl-in-school that everyone wants to be, and wants to be friends with. And yet, can’t manage to hate because SHE’S TOO COOL AND NICE.

On a completely other note… I couldn’t be more happy that she and Calvin Harris are supposedly dating… As a fellow tall girl, I’m so happy for her finding someone she too can LOOK UP to kiss, it’s a GREAT feeling.


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