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Thoughts on… “The Affair”

*Just an FYI, there are some spoilers if you have not watched all the way through!*


From the get-go, I’d done nothing but talk shit about the show The Affair. Before it was even on, I just couldn’t say enough about how sick I am of the romanticizing and glorification of something that is so morally wrong. I am not as prude as this sounds, but was brought up in Catholic school and I just don’t think infidelity should be this glamorized. From Scandal, to nearly every other drama on TV, sex sells and it seems like AFFAIRS really sell. So for the entire premise of a show to be focused on the *very exciting and romantic* betrayal and ruining of a marriage, I just couldn’t have been more disgusted.

Then I found out Joshua Jackson was in it. And I quite literally can’t resist Pacey Witter, affair or not. So, since it was coming on after Homeland anyway, I decided to give it a shot.


I have to admit I was very intrigued, even though I didn’t like what I knew what would happen (hello, it’s in the name). Each episode plays out the same event – in the story, and in their relationship – but the first half from Noah Solloway, the male’s perspective, then the second 25 minutes from Allison Lockhart, the female’s perspective. This is something I’d never seen before in a TV show, and I loved the concept, so I hung on. The writing was just too cool – how they made the stories overlap, how their clothes changed, how what they said and who did what changed based on who’s point of view we were seeing. There were also True Detective-type interviews happening with each main character – they are recounting the events of the story as they remember them to a detective, so this implied there was some sort of criminal storyline that we don’t know about, in play as well.

One other thing to mention is the theme song/intro is IN-CREDIBLE. Just, fucking, awesome. It’s a new original song written and performed by Fiona Apple specifically for the show, called “Container,” and I wish to God it was longer than a minute! It starts out a cappella, and then a drum beat comes in… It’s haunting, and beautiful and just totally perfect for the show. Take a listen here


THE AFFAIRAnyway, despite the opening theme that truly kept me hanging on, by the fourth episode of the show, I was over it. That episode surrounded ONLY the two leads, those having the affair… and when it was just the two of them, I just couldn’t keep watching it.

I felt dirty, guilty; like I was the one having the affair, or something.


Much later, “The Affair” won two Golden Globes. I didn’t really understand why, (other than it’s salacious nature, and because it’s a new show), but a friend told me she caught the season finale without watching the others and it was VERY entertaining. I decided to give it another go, and I’m glad I did… sort of.


The first season, at only 10 episodes long, definitely packs a lot of nail biting drama. After the episode I quit on, several other interesting characters and plot points came into play that somewhat made me feel okay about the dirtiness of the adultery – drug dealing, a murder case, Noah’s crazy teenage daughter, Allison’s crazy mother, small town family feuds, a lost child, and in general the deep roots of the character’s personalities and motives (which are perfectly executed by the actors). Plus, more Joshua Jackson (albeit a sad, angry Joshua Jackson).


The last two episodes especially were so entertaining I found myself yelling at the TV. It’s really rare that a show (or film) is satisfyingly, totally put together and feeling complete, in terms of continuity, storylines, character motives, all really coming together, and it’s even rarer when you’re seeing it from two points of view the entire time. But as well written, well directed, and well produced the show is, there’s a few plot holes I am so disappointed about and can’t ignore, so I’d like to put this out there and maybe some other fans can enlighten me:

  • What exactly happened around episode 6 or 7, where Noah goes from realizing pursuing anything else with Allison is “completely crazy,” he goes back to having sex with his wife (a fantastic Maura Tierney), he goes through marital therapy with her, and seems to be completely regretful of his actions and confident in his marriage – to telling Allison he loves her?? Part of me thought this was something that only happened in her POV, but then later it’s said in his too. This seemed like sort of a 180 that just didn’t add up. Noah was believable in his attempts at apologizing and searching for forgiveness for an episode or two. But suddenly he’s thrown into a situation where he sees Allison again, and that is a time that the L-word is realized? I can’t wrap my mind around this. There wasn’t a lead up where he was thinking about her, or having issues with his wife regularly, or anything. Even if the idea is “he’s around her again, he sees her again after some time, and they can’t deny their love for each other” their actions before saying these words did not really indicate their sudden profession of love. Maybe it’s a move to keep the audience on their toes, but I found it frustrating and just did not at all add up.
  • How could there possibly be two interpretations of the events of the last episode? This involves a gun, a lot of yelling, and some very angry Solloways and Lockharts. It just seems to me that when there is a gun in play and it’s pointed at you, you aren’t forgetting what exactly played out in this scene, but somehow Noah and Allison’s memory of these events are very 
  • In general, much of Allison’s side seems to be slightly more in “love” in “The Affair” than Noah is. Noah seems very  much in lust, and then in guilt. Yet suddenly in the last two episodes, Noah is the first to tell his wife he is “in love” with someone else, and makes the moves to leave and be with her (this might actually just harken back to my first point).
  • Chemistry – I didn’t feel it beyond the intimate scenes. It seemed like they had chemistry when it came to sex and being physical, etc. but that’s not hard to do – everyone looks sexy and connected when they’re having sex. In the scenes where they are just spending time together or talking, or Noah is trying to make Allison feel better about something… I just didn’t see it. I didn’t buy that they had this crazy, deep connection, or “love” that would absolutely have to lead to them ruining their marriage and lives.


What did anyone else think?? Did I completely miss something or did you have the questions? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


Post Golden Globes Review/Excitement

Better late than never!

Award show season is basically my Superbowl (except it’s longer AND WAY BETTER), and I couldn’t be happier that it kicked off with the Golden Globes last Sunday.  I’ve been off the grid for a week as I was traveling for work, but I still wanted to recap the my favorite dresses of the Golden Globes 2014.

1. Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren – Nupita topped every list, and for good reason. This beautiful coral/red/orange caped dress from Ralph Lauren is so elegant and chic, not to mention looks incredible with her complexion. She was a scene stealer both on screen and off.


2. Sandra Bullock in Prabal Gurung – For some reason it seemed like this dress was panned by critics but I couldn’t disagree more. Other than a maybe-too-low neckline, I love the pink and blue color blocking on black, the style, and that it’s Prabal Gurung. She looked amazing, and thankfully distracted me from the blinding rage I felt at Jennifer Lawrence undeservingly winning the Best Supporting Actress award.


3. Julia Roberts in Dolce & Gabbana – It’s great to know that Julia Roberts has never stopped being as classy as she’s always been. This D&G piece is so perfect, age-appropriate and chic, I loved it from the moment she stepped on the carpet. The belt, the collar, the bottom and her hair… all just gorgeous. It reminded me of something that might have been a Carolina Herrera piece as well.


4. Margot Robbie in Gucci – Margot is a newcomer to the red carpet and the Hollywood award show season, just making her debut this year in Wolf of Wall Street. I think she will be hard to forget in the stunning Gucci dress this jewel trim and a high slit. Not only is the dress absolutely beautiful but it shows off her figure just right. Simple, elegant and again, SO chic.


5. Tina Fey’s first dress as host in Carolina Herrera, and Amy Poehler’s Red Carpet gown in Stella McCartney – As  a fan of these two for probably the last 12 years, they can do no wrong in my eyes. This year they were both flawless and glamorous as hosts and in all of their dresses, but these two were my absolute favorites.

tina-fey-golden-globes-2014-dresses71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

I think what I LOVED about each of these picks was no one was trying too hard to shock or grab attention. No potential nip slips (maybe Sandra?), no outrageous cleavage, nothing overly trendy or trying too hard, no embarrassingly short hemlines. Just pure elegance on  six gorgeous ladies.

Anyone reading have favorites I didn’t mention? I am waiting eagerly for this weekends Screen Actors Guild awards, and after that it’s over a month til the Oscars!

SAG and Golden Globes 2014

As a frequent watcher and lover of Television and Movies, I love love love award shows. The dresses, the glitz, but especially the rooting-for-my-favorite actors, actresses, shows and films that year.

Admittedly I have not yet seen many of the films nominated for the 2014 Golden Globes or Screen Actors Guild awards, but I am definitely up on my awesome TV shows. And I have to agree with many other fans (and entertainment writers), in my shock at the Golden Globes snubs this year.

Homeland has been one of the best shows on TV the last few years (which I just recently realized), but I have to say I’m not only perplexed by their snubbing it, but very confused at which season this Golden Globes is deciding to snub. If it’s current season, which will end this Sunday 12/15, it’s even more outrageous. The performances by Claire Danes and Damian Lewis this season were pretty extreme and I would say, elevated from the past seasons. Perhaps the Hollywood Foreign Press Association were sick of giving them Golden Globes and wanted to spread the nominations, and yet, they’re not for Modern Family?? Which consistently wins everything and is funny, but is certainly not the funniest or best comedy on television for the last 5 years it’s  been winning awards.

Speaking of comedies, am I correct in that they also snubbed both the final season of 30 Rock AND Veep?? I am a fan and consistent watcher of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (and Andy Samberg for about 12 years running) but there is no way in hell that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is funnier, or better written than Veep and 30 Rock. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (who was nominated, thankfully and rightfully so) is fantastic in Veep as always, but so is the rest of that cast and the show as a whole.

I have been looking for the criteria in terms of timing of a show that gets nominated, in hopes that the “snubbing” is simply a misunderstanding, in which the cut off date for the shows nominated were earlier than Homeland could qualify for (although this wouldn’t explain 30 Rock, and considering Tina is the host, even more WTF).  Although I guess if last years Oscars are any indicator, the award shows I’ve always loved and counted on to honor the right people, are more and more often getting it wrong.

But if you have never seen any of these shows, I certainly encourage you to give all of them a try, they’re all great entertainment!