New Years Resolutions

Every new year I feel like I have the same resolutions that I don’t stick to. But I know it, THIS IS THE YEAR PEOPLE!

Maybe if I put them in print this year I will take them 100 times more seriously? Whether I or you stick to them or not, here are my resolutions:

1. Losing weight – even the skinniest of people seem to make this a yearly goal. I guess in the country almost as famous for it’s obesity as it is it’s cowboys (or warmongering, or love of firearms, or…) it makes sense. But in this case I have a cousins wedding I’m in and I’d really like to slim down for, and also for my general physical and mental health. Of course the best way to do this is to increase activity, and decrease food intake. However, if you’re a lover of gadgets like I am, LOSING WEIGHT IS GETTING MORE AND MORE FUN. For Christmas I got a device from the Fitbit family of activity and sleep trackers, called the Fitbit One. index It functions somewhat like a pedometer and can clip to your pants or belt or pocket, but also tracks all kinds of activity, calories, distance and sleep quality. With a Bluetooth-connected app for the Iphone or Android, you set goals for yourself, and track your food and caloric intake, or link it to another food tracking app like MyFitnessPal. I’ve been doing it for about a week now, and it’s actually fun – I get excited to enter what I ate, as well as if I hit the goals set for me. I think about ways I can increase my activity like parking farther away at the store, or going for a longer walk on a lunch break. I’ve been down a few pounds so far, and just having it on my mind is keeping me from eating things I know shouldn’t. If the Fitbit brand isn’t for you, there are TONS of these activity trackers with similar features available – from Nike, Jawbone, and others. Read some reviews and see what is best for your lifestyle.

Also in an effort towards weightloss, I want to try to jump on the juicing trend. This will be especially difficult, as consuming carbohydrates is basically akin to breathing for myself and my Italian family. Going straight juice probably won’t happen, nor would a no-carb diet, but working both concepts into my daily routine can’t hurt. I’ve read some books, like the 3 Day Cleanse and it truly does have some great suggestions on how to work this lifestyle into your own. After the massive intake of sugar I had before and after the holidays, a “cleanse” seems like a great idea but it’s definitely easier said than done. But for someone like myself who has several digestive issues as it is, trying can’t hurt. I’ve also started reading 21 Day Tummy, which focuses on improving weightloss ability but also general digestive health, and it’s been great so far.


Anyone with tips on juicing please feel free to leave in the comments!

2. Being on time – I am famous among my friends for being late for everything. In fact, I routinely tell people to plan on me being there 15-30 minutes later than I told them I would be. I don’t do it on purpose at all, and I am realizing as I get older it’s something that can be taken as rude or careless, so I am vowing to TRULY try hard. I already have more than enough watches for this purpose, so no new gadgets to use for this resolution : (

3. Budgeting and saving more – Since recently taking on a lease and therefore rent, I’ve definitely had to buckle down on spending, more than ever before in my young life. Then at Christmas I basically threw all of that out the window. Now in 2014, I DEFINITELY need to stay on track and I’m finding several ways to do it. I know many people have their preference based on their device and needs, such as,and other similar apps and sites where you have to enter your banking account information in order to track your finances. I wasn’t a fan of having to do that, especially since the Target security breach, I am more and more wary of any time I am electronically entering banking information. So a free app called Wally has been very helpful to me. I can manually enter and track my spending and budget without having to connect it to an account.

4. Go to sleep earlier –  No matter how many times I claim to be a “night owl,” my morning alarm time continues to be the same. It’s like once I was given the opportunity to have any bedtime I wanted, I made it my life’s goal to always take that opportunity too far. This habit though is getting more and more painful as I get older. When I was in school, I would be up late doing homework, but what’s my excuse now? ONE MORE EPISODE of whichever binge watch I’m in the middle of on Netflix? It’s just never worth it in the morning (I tell myself as I’m falling asleep at my desk). So this year I am vowing to get more sleep. I think, by the end of the year, I will thank me that I did.

5. Do more Yoga – Call it a fad or trendy, but the ancient Hindus and Buddhists were on to something. I do feel so much better in the moment and over the course of the day when I do yoga in the morning, and any back pain I have is much more minimal than when I don’t do it. Therefore, do it more this year.

As always I am not advertising any of the things I’ve mentioned – these are just things I love and have been helping me so far with my resolutions. Let me know of any of your resolutions!