SNL 40 Premiere, and Sasheer Zamata in 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target??

Last night’s season premiere SNL was awesome, in particular for Chris Pratt, Michael Che, and the newest featured player Pete Davidson (who was so funny, and adorable and 20 YEARS OLD??).

I wasn’t so sure about Michael Che at first because I didn’t think he had done that well on the Daily Show over the summer – he didn’t really seem to have the voice for political satire. But I was totally wrong, he was great in his new gig as Weekend Update co-anchor, and Pete Davidson (who I’d only seen before on Carly Aquilino’s Instagram) was REALLY funny in his bit on Update, and his parts in skits. Even Ariana Grande had two solid performances, and I was so surprised to learn that she could actually sing, and wasn’t just a ponytail in high boots with mixing board.

HOWEVER, to anyone who watched or follow’s the SNL Instagram, was Sasheer Zamata wearing a top which looks like it’s from the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target?? Anyone recognize this, because I do not remember it from the collection. But she looks beyond adorable, and I want that outfit, SNL costume people, where you at??



Also Chris Pratt is the biggest thing going right now (which is so funny for someone like myself who remembers him SO CLEARLY as Bright from Everwood ), but maybe my favorite part of the episode was his reuniting with wife and two-time SNL host Anna Faris during the credits. How CUTE are they??

1411883941822_wps_53_SNL_27_09_2014 1411886894161_wps_56_SNL_27_09_2014


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