Emmy Dresses 2014

My 2nd favorite award show of the year has come and gone, but not without that great deja-vu feeling you can only get from seeing the same dumb, undeserving shit win the same award year after year (no, I’m not bitter that Modern Family won, AGAIN, beating out 5 other excellent and more deserving comedies)!  And lest we forget, not without some beautiful dresses. A TON of RED on that carpet of the same name this year, which is to be expected for Fall, but also a ton of white and several halters? The 90’s really are back, huh? Here are some of my favorites! (HINT: My top two picks are two gorgeous Julias, and not some of the young twits who get invited to these things… Like a fine wine, these two are getting better with age!)

JLD in Carolina Herrera FTW


1. Julia Louis Dreyfus in Carolina Herrera – Are you kidding me? How can she look (AND BE) this amazing all the time? I’ve mentioned before how much I love her and basically everything she does, not to mention she has played debate-ably two of the absolute best comedic roles written for a woman in the past 20 years. BUT SHE ALWAYS LOOKS FABULOUS TOO. I mean it’s insane, but I can’t think of a better person to have such talent, beauty and style – she seems like such a kind, genuine and hilarious person IRL (and if the opposite is true I refuse to believe it). One of the ladies in red (and the best IMO), she worked it on the carpet and all through the ceremony (CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT KISS? i’ll get to that later).

If this Elie Saab is wrong, I DON’T WANT TO BE RIGHT.

2. Julia Roberts in Elie Saab – TRULY, truly can’t get over the negative reviews when it comes to this dress. I want to say “Are you kidding??” for this pick, for a completely different reason. Not only does she look amazing even outside of the dress, that dress itself IS SICK! Who gives a shit about the hemline, are we all suddenly our grandmothers? Since when does a short hem automatically mean bad dress? I mean she looked millions of times better than some of the ladies wearing the traditional ball gown! (*ahem* Sarah Silverman, January Jones, *ahem*). And I’m sorry, but the pearl and stone embroidery in the midnight blue made up for anything anyone could say about it not being quite dressy or formal enough. This dress is badass, and looks exquisite on her – that neckline, those legs!


Janis? Is that you?

3. Lizzy Caplan in Donna Karan Atelier – UH… Can we reflect how far Janis Ian has come?? The cut outs, the open back – just CHIC as hell and so sexy! As Huffpo noted – this dress makes it hard to believe she ever played this anigif_enhanced-buzz-7961-1383248660-42 fred-armisen-carrie-brownstein-emmys-2014-emmy-awards 4. Carrie Brownstein in Halston Heritage – I am usually anti-one shoulder dresses, and black is chic but sorta boring. However, this dress is beautiful and looks incredible on her! When I saw her post a pic on Instagram I literally said “Holy s—” out loud to myself. Especially since we’re used to seeing her in such not-formalwear (if you watch and adore Portlandia like I do) this was a wonderful surprise.


Halle Berry WOW-ing in Elie Saab

5. Halle Berry in Elie Saab – LOVE it. Love the mauve, I love the cut, the halter the waist… When she came on stage I actually said “WOW.” She looked incredible and this dress is just gorgeous. Elie Saab was killing the red carpet last night. HONORABLE MENTIONS la-ig-lena-dunham-fashion-20140820-006 Lena Dunham in Giambattista Valli – This skirt is incredible, and like a cotton candy dream. Not that that necessarily makes attractive formalwear, but this is an beautiful creation and suited to her personality. My only issue is the top. I don’t really understand that choice, as it seems like there has to have been a better, and certainly more flattering top combination for this skirt. And I know this is another one that the critics have torn apart (as are most of Lena’s dress picks), but the only reason she doesn’t look great in all the pictures is her posture! She always seems to be slumping, and doesn’t seem to have that actress-red-carpet-strut down. If she was standing up straight, and had changed that top with something that looked a little smoother, this would have been a top pick of the night. What were some of your favorites?? Let me know! Thanks for reading!

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