UPDATE: My Experimenting with Apple Cider Vinegar

A few posts ago I declared my suspicions about the BFD with raw apple cider vinegar. I really wanted to understand what all the hype was about, so I decided to try it out (consistently) for myself.

Many of the recipes and recommendations I was reading suggested consuming it in some form every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I could not do that. It definitely got easier to drink over time, but every day was too much for me.

Instead I focused on using it three (sometimes four) days a week for the last month – either taking a shot of it mixed with water and juice, or using it on a salad.

MY RESULTS (thus far)

  • I can not confirm or deny any effects on my immune system, thus far. I haven’t gotten sick, but it’s also summer and I normally would not be getting sick.
  • I can however confirm there may be a slight change in my skin and breakouts. As I’ve mentioned many times I suffer from (really AWFUL) hormonal breakouts that have never been an issue in my life before the past few years. I am willing to try anything and everything, but it’s hard because I also have sensitive skin. The inside out approach (as I’ve mentioned before from reading Eat Pretty) has been especially helpful, including ACV. My usual breakout at that-time-of-the-month was not as severe as I’ve come to expect (though this could also be because of other dietary changes as well). I also really liked using the ACV-based toner recipe I mentioned in my previous post!
  • I will say I think the ACV has helped in my digestion, and although it may have been a placebo effect, the ACV did assist in my feeling fuller, quicker, when consumed before a meal.
  • Also felt like consuming it before a meal helped in my mood and energy (and possibly slight weightloss too!
  • I would say it assisted in “detoxing,” (remember, when people tell you they are on a detox, it usually just means they are pooping a lot).

I did not try using ACV as a hair cleanser, so I can not speak to that. And overall I liked the results, and I think had I been consuming and using it every day my results probably would have been even better. I think I will continue using it  the way I have thus far though.

Anyone else have results like these from consuming apple cider vinegar consistently? Better, or worse than my experiment?

Thanks for reading!

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