I’m a HUGE Saturday Night Live fan, I think I’ve been obsessed since about the age of 10 which was around the beginning of the Will Ferrel/Tina Fey/Jimmy Fallon era. The bits I could highlight and talk about in a blog post could (and may) go on for years and years. However there’s two pretty recent “Digital Shorts” that I rediscovered and can’t stop laughing, so I wanted to share.

This is a lesser known one that aired last year and seriously did NOT get enough play. Especially as a lover of fashion/trends/H&M this just KILLS me in it’s accuracy. –


And next, this short from this year that I also felt like did not get enough play, called “When Will The Base Drop.” Also unbelievably smart and hilarious in it’s accuracy, anyone who’s simultaneously loved/loathed EDM has to appreciate this (plus it’s got a legitimately sick beat, I do not know how The Lonely Island does it).


Enjoy! Thanks for Reading!

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