Returning Beauty Products

Racked has done a great recap of places you can return beauty products. I feel like I am constantly buying and trying new items for beauty and skin care, but in the last few years I’ve definitely made a point of shopping at stores where I can return if I want to. They’re so expensive it’s downright crazy to buy something anywhere where you can’t easily take that $40 cellulite-fixing-lotion that never works, back.

All I know is I have a full basket from my Body Shop phase that I am definitely cashing in on ASAP.

The only additions I would like to make to the list, from experience, is somehow there is no mention of Target?? Target takes back EVERYTHING – used, unused, opened, unopened. If you have the receipt or it was purchased on your Target card and they can look it up, you can get the money back. If not, you’ll likely get a store credit (which in my case might as well be actual cash anyway). And did I mention they take an-y-thing?

And second, Sephora will also take back anything, even if it’s used, and even without a receipt. They will just give you store credit (which again, in my case, might as well be cash)


Happy returning! Thanks for reading!

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