When Chocolate Attacks

Despite my love and adoration for the wondrous and delicious substance that is chocolate (of the dark or milk variety, I’ll take it basically however I can get it), I have to admit, to the world and to myself, it really doesn’t love me. My relationship with chocolate is much like that of an immature or borderline abusive boyfriend, in that he keeps screwing me up, and I still keep taking him back when I’m at my weakest (dark, I know, but it’s the truth!!).

Of course I’m referring to the effects of chocolate on my skin. I don’t know what happened in the last few years, but suddenly, I can’t enjoy half a Snickers bar (who the am I kidding, I mean a whole, king size Snickers) without some kind of blemish, breakout, or single zit right in the middle of my forehead within 24 hours. I keep blaming my hormonal breakouts on the fact that I am at “baby making age” and my body is a little out of wack. But in reality it probably has more to do with what I’m putting in my body, like when I can’t resist bingeing on my secret stash of stress-chocolate in my desk at work.

Sometimes the things we love, hurt us. I’ve learned this the hard way, and I’ve been searching for the products to remedy this as best I can for my sensitive/combination skin, and this time from the outside (for the inside, see my mention of the lovely book “Eat Pretty,” in a previous post). Here are some of my favorite items that have helped me keep my chocolate abuse off my face.

1. Boots No. 7 – Beautiful Skin, Rapid Spot Rescue

I bought this stuff completely on whim because it was on clearance at Target one day, and I’ve been using it almost nightly, since. Usually I don’t believe that any “spot treatments” really work, but this one has proved me completely wrong .When using at night I’ve seen a very visible difference in the morning, and it’s an awesome feeling to have something that I know will work in my arsenal.


2. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel pads

I know what you’re thinking – “those are a lot of intimidating words for one product name.” You’re not wrong, ALPHA BETA PEEL? My skin is red, blotchy and dry just hearing those words. But trust me, they are just words, and a “peel” does not mean your skin will be sliding off of your face. I have the most sensitive skin you can ever find, EVERYTHING makes me break out, but not these. The first pad has helped smooth, refine pores, and clear up my skin, and the second pad helps moisturize. I even have mild rosecea from time to time and this has help calm that, not enhance it in any way. They do smell chemical-y, so trust me I’m as surprised as you are about how gentle they really are. I use one or two a week when I’m looking less glow-y and dull than I should! If you don’t believe me, read the reviews for these at the Sephora link above. They’re expensive, but boy are they worth it.


3. Josie Maran Argan Milk – Moisturizer

After all the drying up of skin and pimples using the aforementioned products, I usually need a bit of moisture. I was given a small sample bottle of this, and really wanted to hate it so that I wasn’t compelled to buy the full size. But I have to say – it does everything it says it will for my skin. I’ve seen Josie talk about her products on QVC a few times and she’s very convincing, but I have not had nearly the success with the actual Argan oils, as I have with this product and the whipped Argan oil lotions. Both are hydrating, healing, and create the exact dewy effect they promise. The Argan Milk has minimized my pores, helped clear break outs and helped fade scars, in just a few days I’ve seen such a nominal difference. The Whipped lotion has done the same for the rest of my body but especially calmed a patch of eczema on my thigh. For someone like me, who breaks out from EVERYTHING, these have both been a real godsend.

What products do are you swearing by right now?? Let me know, I’ll probably want to try that too!

Thanks for reading!


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