What’s the BFD with ACV?


Amongst the blogs, twitters, and instagrams I follow that discuss health stuff, the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar repeatedly comes up. I’ve read countless articles, and most of them say that either by ingesting or using topically, RAW Apple Cider Vinegar will do any of the following:

  • clear your skin
  • boost your immunity
  • clean your hair
  • help you “detox”
  • help you lose weight
  • give you energy
  • enhance your mood
  • save the whales

But my question is, has anyone actually seen these benefits first hand? It’s easy to write a blog post echoing a study that you think someone did once, or repeat information you read somewhere else that you think works. But what about some hard investigative reporting where said blogger follows up  with what they find out?

Look no further my MANY (few) followers, I am here. I am going to put a few of the Raw Apple Cider Vinegar recipes I’ve found to the test, and let you know what kind of results I get. Currently I could stand to lose a few ten pounds, as well as could do ANYTHING to clear my chin acne, and both of those things already bring down my mood, so I would be happy to see any of that eradicated. Also, I am definitely going to drink it before lunch and see the effect it has on my “afternoon slump” at work. Here are the few recipes I found if you’d like to play along:

ACV based vinaigrette – from Refinery 29

Any of these great juices – from The Healthy Honeys

Or these juice recipes

and This ACV and Aspirin toner

Also in everything I’ve seen, it’s important to use RAW Apple Cider Vinegar, such as Bragg’s, which is available at Target!

If anyone has truly done these before, please let me know your experiences or how you prefer to take it! I’ll take all the advice I can get. 

Thanks for reading!




  1. I am interested by the topic, I have used ACV to help with acne but the most effective use I have found for it is help my gums. I rinse with it and it has been the only thing that has worked for me. I had a prescription once that was nowhere near any good!


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