The Endless Search for a “Work” Bag

The ladies know what I’m talking about when I say handbags are “my thing.” For some it’s shoes, some jewelry, some make-up… I mean I like all of those too, but I really love bags. I know I already have one for every possible occasion, but what about in DIFFERENT COLORS? There are far too many styles, materials, shapes, sizes, and I’m on a never ending quest to collect them all.

More specifically though as a commuting young woman, I’m always on the look out for a good “work” bag. NO MATTER WHAT I DO, I can’t get to work in the morning with less than a thousand things. I think I’ve got it all together, then I remember I didn’t grab my Ipad.. or my lunch.. or my post-work work-out clothes… or that package I need to mail… and suddenly, I am the commuting-bag-lady.

The great “work” bag would ideally fit it all – and then some. But short of just rolling a suitcase every day, it’s hard to find the quite right size for it everything and still look cute, or chic, or remotely together. However, my go-to site for almost everything, posted a great list of some perfect work bags, that don’t completely look like work bags. The editors from the site’s many locations weighed in on which they love and use on the daily, and which fit all the needs you can think of.

Personally, I’ve been carrying leather bags to work for most of my time working, and it’s only recently occurred to me the amount of pain I could spare myself if I was to carry something lighter. And thankfully in this work-a-day world, there are many stylish and less cumbersome options outside of leather, that won’t leave you with a broken back in a few short years. Particularly one mentioned in this list is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Tate Tote – the medium size can carry everything I need and a water bottle too, plus come in so many fun prints


Check out the article here!

Though, I think I’ll be saving a bit for the J.Crew Downing bag too : / As I said, I just can’t resist. 

Let  me know your go to “Work” bag! I’m always looking for new suggestions. Thanks for reading!


  1. I recently inventoried and photographed all of my bags. I have acquired an embarrasing number of bags in my search for the perfect work and carryon bags. My most frequently used work bags are a Papaya tote (which is roomy and beautiful but slides off my shoulder), a large Stella McCartney hobo vegan bag that I got for a steal at a consignment shop, and a Michael Kors bag with two large open compartments and a zippered center.

    I’m afraid to click on your links because they might just fuel the fire.

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    1. Haha I know! I don’t blame you. You’re right about the carryon too – same thing for me. I do try to get rid of or sell the ones I know won’t serve a purpose for me anymore though, making room for the next one. I love those suggestions, actually an MK is one of the bags suggested in that article!

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