Favorite Met Gala looks in 2014

Oh, I love a pretty dress (I sang to myself in the tune of Eddy Rabbit, all Monday night), and there were no shortage of them at this year’s Met Gala. In fact, for an event that is a celebration of the Costume Institute, and also considered and referred to as the “Met Ball,” why the F would anyone wear anything other than a ball gown??? (I’m looking at you Michele Williams, but not you Cara Delevingne, you fabulous, fabulous bitch). The theme was Charles James and this brought out mostly amazing pieces.

Here are my top 5 favorite looks, the ones I felt so passionately about I just couldn’t shut up.


1. Emma Stone in Thakoon – I mean… are you kidding me?? She looks amazing! The braid, the two pinks, the crop top, the leg slit. This is awesome, and not necessarily on theme? But still awesome. I love Emma and want her to be my best friend, though I am in the camp of get-her-a-freakin-cheeseburger STAT before she collapses (no matter how much she blames stress, she is crazy thin, and I’m sure can hire someone to assist in getting her back to her Superbad/Easy A/ Healthy size). But regardless she looks amazing in this. And I love her hair red again!


2. Cara Delevingne in Stella McCartney – This is biased because I love her, but she looked awesome and chic as fuck, as usual. I don’t know if it’s the eyebrows or her usually-stuck-out tongue, but girl always looks like she’s having the best time ever, and the Met Gala was no exception (see photo at the bottom of this post).


3. Emmy Rossum in Carolina Herrera – Theme appropriate, season appropriate, and overall just beautiful! She looks amazing and as an owner of maannyy florals, I love this dress.


4. Kim Kardashian in Lanvin – It truly pains me to write this. Because I am not, in any imaginable interpretation of the word, a fan of neither Kanye or Kim Kardashian. And I hate to have to acknowledge this even slightly. BUT, I love that dress and she looks fantastic in it (as opposed to last year’s Givenchy disaster which the sheer memory of made me not want to acknowledge her here).


5. Sarah Jessica Parker In Oscard de La Renta – just fabulous. Her hair looked awesome, the back is dynamic and the whole ensemble makes her look more incredible and less insane than some previous looks. She should be the queen of Met Ball


Runners up –  TIE – Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds both in Gucci – I believe it should probably be illegal for two people that are this genetically gifted should be married, let alone procreate. They could very likely be creating an elite race of perfect people. In spite of this, she looks drop dead gorgeous and perfect as usual as that dress looks like it fits like a glove. And he looks quite dapper in suede. And the two of them (both wearing the same designer too <3) together looked so in love and adorable it’s almost painful.  Godspeed you two.




What were your faves? Let me know if you care!


Thanks for reading


  1. haha i love that last picture!! my absolute favorite of the met ball was suki waterhouse ❤ and i totally agree with all of your choices

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