New polish that is kicking the ass of all other drugstore nail polish

As a former resident of London, England I have a minor obsession with and general affinity for, all UK based beauty products. Many of these I will detail in other posts, but right now I need to gush about the Salon Pro Nail Color with Lycra.

Rimmel Salon Pro


The color and shine is incredible, and this lovely color “New Romantic” from the Kate Moss line is on trend. But most of all, this brand is the closest I have found to a drug store version of a gel manicure. It must the Lycra? Either way, it’s awesome, its shiny, it’s long lasting, and it’s really beautiful to just wear alone or otherwise. The above picture is from wearing for over a week, and the color is still full and beautiful. As I’ve mentioned in another post about my favorite polishes, this is topped off with the best topcoat a drugstore can buy – NYC In A New York Minute in Grand Central Station.

Rimmel London Salon Pro with  Lycra – $2.79 at CVS

NYC Nail Color In A New York Minute – $1.79 at Target


PS. check out the link to the Rimmel London site that I have above, it’s awesomely interactive, and worth a look if you’re interested in their products.


Thanks for reading!

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