My Accepting (and LOVING) the Le Pliage

I want to say about four years ago, the Longchamp Le Pliage bag was running me over at every turn. No matter which country, state or city I was in, I saw them everywhere. I’m somewhat of a bag snob, and just couldn’t – A. see myself buying a bag that wasn’t leather, let alone NYLON (I mean, are you kidding me?? The material of windbreakers and “swishy” pants on my shoulder?) and B. really didn’t want the bag that everyone and their mother (and grandmother) was carrying (i wasn’t joking about the “snob” part). However, four years late, I’ve finally crossed over to the dark side.


What made me give in was a number of things. First, I was realizing the toll that the large leather bag that I took to work (and often, elsewhere), was taking on my body. It’s a beautiful Rebecca Minkoff MAB, but when filled, it’s not a lightweight item to be commuting with. Second, it seems several different designers have since been working to jump on the nylon trend in the wake of the Le Pliage’s popularity, so I started to consider that maaayyybeee it can be a little chicer than I was giving it credit for. And finally, LOOK AT THAT MINT!!! What really sold me is these three new bright colors, I can’t even help wanting all of them. Usually when I see people carrying these they are a dark violet, navy, or black, none of which really called to me. But the new light blue, coral and mint green colors that seem to new (I’m just assuming, because I have never seen them before) I literally could. not. resist. And I’m so happy I didn’t, the convenience of the size coupled with the sturdy leather handles and the lightness from the nylon is the best item I’ve ever purchased for work and for travel. Not to mention perfect colors for Spring!

Also, if you’re thinking about investing in your own, they are 25% off at Nordstrom til the 28th.


Thanks for reading!

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