Product Purge

I don’t know about you, but I might be a product hoarder. We ladies (and perhaps metrosexual men) collect a lot of stuff to primp ourselves – hair products, make up, nail tools, creams, sprays –  it takes a village. Recently I changed up my skincare routine, going for some new Clinique products to see how they would fair on my life long sensitive skin issues. So far I’ve been loving the results, it’s left me with a whole mess of skincare products I now need to get rid of, or the very least move out of the basket of products I use daily.


My drawer to sort and purge

Change in skincare routine or not, around the time of spring cleaning I try to do a product purge. This includes going through my make up bags, nail polish drawer, face products, and lotions, for things that are:

  • Almost empty and I’ve stopped using regularly
  • Likely expired or unsafe to use (mascara)
  • Items I have stopped using regularly (too many lotions, too many body washes)
  • Items I realized I didn’t like, but kept anyway (various face washes, shampoos, cheap make up)
  • Products I just have too many of and will never be able use all of them (more lotions)

Think critically here. There’s no need to keep all this stuff. With products that are unused, you might have the opportunity to donate them, so make sure to look in to that. Otherwise, you’ll be surprised at how great it feels to minimize this clutter that you probably forget exists under your sink.

Thanks for reading!

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