SAG and Golden Globes 2014

As a frequent watcher and lover of Television and Movies, I love love love award shows. The dresses, the glitz, but especially the rooting-for-my-favorite actors, actresses, shows and films that year.

Admittedly I have not yet seen many of the films nominated for the 2014 Golden Globes or Screen Actors Guild awards, but I am definitely up on my awesome TV shows. And I have to agree with many other fans (and entertainment writers), in my shock at the Golden Globes snubs this year.

Homeland has been one of the best shows on TV the last few years (which I just recently realized), but I have to say I’m not only perplexed by their snubbing it, but very confused at which season this Golden Globes is deciding to snub. If it’s current season, which will end this Sunday 12/15, it’s even more outrageous. The performances by Claire Danes and Damian Lewis this season were pretty extreme and I would say, elevated from the past seasons. Perhaps the Hollywood Foreign Press Association were sick of giving them Golden Globes and wanted to spread the nominations, and yet, they’re not for Modern Family?? Which consistently wins everything and is funny, but is certainly not the funniest or best comedy on television for the last 5 years it’s  been winning awards.

Speaking of comedies, am I correct in that they also snubbed both the final season of 30 Rock AND Veep?? I am a fan and consistent watcher of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (and Andy Samberg for about 12 years running) but there is no way in hell that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is funnier, or better written than Veep and 30 Rock. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (who was nominated, thankfully and rightfully so) is fantastic in Veep as always, but so is the rest of that cast and the show as a whole.

I have been looking for the criteria in terms of timing of a show that gets nominated, in hopes that the “snubbing” is simply a misunderstanding, in which the cut off date for the shows nominated were earlier than Homeland could qualify for (although this wouldn’t explain 30 Rock, and considering Tina is the host, even more WTF).  Although I guess if last years Oscars are any indicator, the award shows I’ve always loved and counted on to honor the right people, are more and more often getting it wrong.

But if you have never seen any of these shows, I certainly encourage you to give all of them a try, they’re all great entertainment!

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