Your Free Personal Shopper

One of my favorite online shopping tools that I’ve been using for a few years is a site called

Shop It To Me  is a personal sale shopper that comes in your email. You can create an account for free, and customize it by selecting whichever brands, items, and sizes you are interested in. Then every day you’ll get an email with that days’ sales that fall under those criteria.  From there, you can also continue to filter by price, item (like if you’re looking for JUST jeans within your brands), or discount percentage.

It’s become a sick, sick obsession, and I can’t even tell you how many of my favorite things I’ve gotten through this site. There’s no way to check the whole internet daily for that one specific item(s), so this really narrows it down for you on a daily basis.

Plus, they recently changed their look and it’s not only more aesthetically appealing, but has more features for men.


EASY AS PIE is correct my friend.

There’s just about every brand or retailer you can think of, from high-end to discount stores, and you can check off as many as you want to have sent to you. I love Shop It To Me particularly because you can find great sales on my favorite splurge brands like Marc Jacobs and Theory, as well as Topshop and Anthropologie, any of which you would probably spend hours sorting through department store websites to find.

Shop It To Me also provides you with coupon codes for the brands you select, or the retailers that your brands can be found in. For example, on the days when one of my brands is on sale at, it will also let me know that I can get free shipping with a $100 or more  purchase, or “30% off all items with this code.”

Again setting up an account on Shop It To Me is completely free, and it’s a great way to streamline your shopping interests, as well as find out about special discounts. It’s basically my shopping Guru.

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